The Cauldron endorses Students Against Marshall group

The Cauldron urges the CSU Board of Trustees to take immediate action on the College of Law name issue

The Cauldron Editorial Staff joins Students Against Marshall, the Black Law Students Association, OUTlaw, the Arab Law Student Association, the Black Student Union, and many others in calling for the Cleveland State University Board of Trustees to act immediately and vote on the issue of the College of Law name change.

John Marshall was a highly influential Supreme Court justice known for shaping constitutional law. However, his status as a slaveowner and his history of reinforcing slavery through his judicial decisions make celebration of the Marshall name unacceptable and contrary to Cleveland State University and the College of Law’s missions of inclusion, equity, and justice. As eloquently put by Emily Forsee in her recent op-ed, “accomplishments will never outweigh atrocities.”

While it has taken nearly two years, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Naming Committee voted to recommend to the CSU Board of Trustees remove references to Chief Justice John Marshall. They were joined by the Law faculty, as well as a majority of current students and community stakeholders. The consensus is clear.

Still, the Board of Trustees chose not to vote on the issue at their last scheduled opportunity to do so, a general meeting on March 17. The Cauldron has followed this process closely, and published two articles, “Students, city council, and more call for the removal of “Marshall” name from College of Law” and “Cleveland-Marshall College of Law naming committee votes to strike “Marshall” from name by commencement.” The possibility remains of a special meeting being called at the request of the Board of Trustees Chair, Key Bank executive David Reynolds, or three board members, an action we urge the board take immediately.

Central to the mission of student press and The Cauldron is holding the university and its administration accountable. Today, the Cauldron Editorial Board chooses to stand with Students Against Marshall in calling for the CSU Board of Trustees to immediately remove the name Marshall from all aspects of the law college prior to Spring 2022 Commencement, May 15th, 2022, by calling an emergency vote prior to May 1, 2022.

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