Daily Harlan Sands Instagram account owner entertains students

Parody Instagram hopes to remain the sole provider of all things satirizing CSU President Harlan Sands

A screenshot of the @Daily_HarlanSands account. With humble beginnings posting the same photo each day, the account has since seen a diversification in posts. Screenshot courtesy of Daniel Newman

The Instagram account @Daily_HarlandSands has gained nearly 300 followers since the beginning of its existence just a few months ago, a good sign for the future of the parody account, which pokes fun at Cleveland State University, President Harlan Sands, with a new photo each day.

The owner of the account, whose identity will not be disclosed, is one of many to create a parody account in recent months. All of which are described as “not affiliated with Cleveland State University.” The account aims to bring laughter to the CSU community.

“No one else made an account based on Harlan, so I said screw it because I was out of ideas,” said the owner. “I got the idea from a friend who made an account with daily pictures of someone else. So, I just said I’ll just make one about Harlan and hope I don’t get kicked out of the university.”

However, committing to such a controversial role is never easy, and the owner of “Daily Harlan” sometimes finds themself searching for ideas.

“I try to post a different picture of Harlan every day,” they said. “I scour the internet for pictures of Harlan, and my search history is very disturbing.”

With a few photos even edited to fit in with the page’s personality, Daily Harlan sometimes uses dark or “M-rated” humor to entertain the average college student.

“The whole point of it is pretty much to just give people a chance to see something that might make them smile or laugh,” said the account owner.

Moving forward, the creator been inspired by the progress of the account to keep posting a daily picture of Sands, and any crooked ideas to make Instagram stories out of.

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