Students for a Cleaner Cleveland hosts their final Campus Cleanup of the semester

The student organization works to keep campus clean through regular litter collection days.

CSU students participating in the Campus Cleanup. Photo by Daniel Newman

Students for a Cleaner Cleveland exercised a thorough sweep of the Cleveland State University grounds in their last Community Cleanup of the semester, held on Nov. 20.

Students took part to pick up as much garbage on campus and near campus as possible. SCC President Connor Mahon, Vice President Ryan Kustaborder, and Secretary Mikayla Thornton oversaw the activity as students made their way around Prospect, Euclid, and Chester Avenues, armed with trash bags and pickers.

Freshman psychology major Mary Matzek made her way to the Music and Communications lawn at 11:00 a.m. sharp, being the first to join the environmental initiative.

Freshman Mary Matzek collects trash at the corner of E21st St. and Euclid Ave. Photo by Daniel Newman

“It would be great to have people outside of the campus community say Cleveland State is really nice,” Matzek said. “It’s also sort of fun to pick up some stuff. It’s not a terrible time, so why not?”

With a high temperature of 45 degrees for the day, Thornton compared the last event to earlier community cleanups. “It’s cold but I think it’s going well,” she said.

Secretary Mikayla Thornton (right) with member August Vullo (left). Photo by Daniel Newman

“We definitely got a good amount of trash picked up,” another student in attendance stated. “I thought it was pretty surprising, how much trash is around here, considering that we have a bunch of trash cans all over campus.”

Despite nearby trash cans, litter can be found all across campus. Photo by Daniel Newman

“It takes two seconds to just walk over to a trash can,” one student insisted.

He also offered his opinion on what it would be like if other student organizations offered a hand in cleaning up the campus, including one of the many athletic teams. “I think that would be great for their images,” he said. “Maybe get the basketball team out here, or a volleyball team – really any sports team.”

With the final Campus Cleanup completed, SCC is looking into more ways to help tidy things up on school grounds throughout the winter. Students can learn more by joining the organization on VikesConnect.

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