CSU’s on-campus housing plan cannot solve the real issues

Buying existing buildings is not a solution

The Edge on Euclid, located across from the Monte Ahuja College of Business, is one of CSU’s potential purchases. Photo courtesy of Apartments.com

Recently, rumors regarding Cleveland State University buying out two apartment complexes– The Langston and The Edge on Euclid- have been running rampant. Although there has been no official comment regarding these rumors, CSU students have been considering what that future might look like.

As mentioned in a previous article, the university faced a difficult situation regarding the dorms this year, with quite a few students being reassigned or turned away from the dorms. Students are also often put on a waitlist before even having time to get a dorm assignment because of many students applying for dorms.

While these issues seem like an expansion of rooms available could solve this issue, it is not so simple. A huge number of CSU students already live at The Langston and The Edge, and for good reason. They are the closest and cheapest apartments available to students, with amenities that specifically cater to traditional students, such as study spaces and community events.

If CSU bought The Langston and The Edge, very little expansion would actually be occurring. With the number of current students living there and the increase of incoming students that would like to live there, there would not be much space for the students wait-listed for dorms.

In fact, if CSU bought out The Langston and The Edge, it would simply eradicate students’ opportunities to live “off-campus” without the dorm restrictions. CSU’s rumored plan to buy out The Langston and The Edge would only benefit students if it adopted the same rules that the complexes currently have, as it may make it easier for students to get housing or offer cheaper rates.

Author: Dina Usanovic

I am an English and Political Science major at CSU in my third year at the university. I love writing for the Cauldron and I'm so excited to bring student opinions to the forefront of university news!