CSU club sports spotlight: Spikeball Club

This is the first installment of The Cauldron’s newest series focused on highlighting club sports teams at Cleveland State University

We caught up with sophomore Daniel Patten, who is the president of the spikeball club. The group is new to campus, so be sure to connect with them to learn more about what spikeball is and when they meet up to play! All levels of experience are welcome.

Spikeball is a sport that takes elements of volleyball and four-square, combining them into one exciting activity. It requires two teams of two people each to play on opposite sides of each other with a net placed on the ground in the middle. The ball is served to the opposing team, who then gets three total hits in the air before it has to be sent back onto the net. A point is won when the ball is bounced off the net and lands on the ground or the opposing team cannot hit it off the net within three hits. Teams decide how many points to play to, but it is normally played until 11 or 21, and teams must win by two points.

Hear all about the spikeball club in the video interview with Daniel Patten. Video by Jack Brancatelli