Vikings voyage to new restaurants near campus

New restaurants on Euclid are seeing student foot traffic, and students are voicing their approval.

Boney Fingers is located next door to the Comfort Inn across from the Law Building. Photo by Connor Mahon

Since the start of the spring 2020 semester, there have been two new restaurants opened on campus, and students seem to enjoy them.

These fresh places to eat have surprised many students amidst the coronavirus pandemic, which added dysfunction to small business arrangements around the world. Many privately owned stores, restaurants and bars shut down throughout the pandemic, but these two have survived to continue serving students.

Campus has opened up for full in-person classes, despite ongoing debate about a vaccine mandate potentially applying to the Cleveland State University community. This on-campus presence has been a source of traffic for the new businesses.

Students were disappointed to learn that the on-campus Chilli’s restaurant had closed down while they were away from campus. However, some wished to give praise and rate the new locations, hoping they outlast a seemingly never-ending state of irregularity.

Boney Fingers

Junior International Business major Antonio Khairallah had some kind words for Boney Fingers BBQ. The smoky restaurant across from Cleveland Marshall College of Law gives off a very distinct barbecue smell he can’t ignore as he makes his way to class.

“I’ve only tried it once, but the Angus beef burger was pretty good,” Khairallah said. “I also had the brisket beef burger, which I liked more. They had plenty of options for a side dish, but I always go for the fries and they couldn’t have been made better.”

After speaking highly of his favorite dish so far, Khairallah addressed his thoughts about how he sees the restaurant staying afloat as a new hot spot on campus.

“I think they’re one of the best places to go to downtown,” Khairallah stated. “I think they’ll be getting a lot more service throughout the year, with them just opening recently. They have a great location, being super close to an apartment building mostly occupied by students.”

As many of the on-campus restaurants are in specific areas of campus for convenience, Khairallah commented about how important these places are to college students who are always on the move. Previously in the Cleveland Arcade, slightly further down Euclid, their new location puts them in a suitable spot for student business.

“They’re right in the middle of campus,” Khairallah said about their location. “One really great thing about them is how late they’re open. Closing at 7 p.m.. doesn’t seem very late in Cleveland, but for college students who might be in a rush to those late classes can always swing by and check out their good food, with good prices. It’s a 9/10.”


Brandon Breznai, another junior here at CSU, has been going to N’Joy since it opened in 2020.

In hopes that they stay open throughout the pandemic- unlike the former Jimmy John’s restaurant once in the same spot- Breznai expressed a few points of gratitude dedicated to the small business.

“I hope that N’Joy still gets a lot of business because the owner deserves it. He’s a great guy and his building gets a lot of traffic. Everyone’s on Euclid, and I hope it stays that way.”

The intimidation of fully online courses is still haunting to many students on campus. Breznai wishes for a healthy year for all students, but he can’t help but address how much of an impact COVID-19 has on campus endeavors.

“I know we’re back on campus,” Breznai said. “But as long as we don’t have to go back to strict virtual classes, businesses such as N’Joy should be able to stay open. The first time around, a lot of places got shut down throughout Cleveland as a whole, but a place with good quality food that loves the students back shouldn’t have to suffer.”

Opposite of the dark cloud emitting from the word coronavirus, good food certainly provides some light to students such as Breznai. His favorite dish, for example, prompted a smile as he mentioned it’s standing out from the menu’s list.

“Its gotta be the chicken shawarma dish,” Breznai said.

“You know, it’s cheap and they give you a lot. So you can’t ever go wrong with ordering that. My favorite place on campus is Burgers 2 Beer, but the chicken shawarma from N’Joy gets a 10 out of 10.”

If you’re ever looking for some good food while strolling through campus, or if you’re in a hurry to fill up before a big exam, take it from fellow students, Boney Fingers and N’Joy should always be on your list of choices.

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