Bringing art to our city: Part 3

Finishing things up

If you have been keeping up with “Bringing Art to Our City” then you probably know that it is about time for the third and final article in the series. Well, you are in luck, because the CSU Cauldron has all the details on the conclusion of this mural project right here for you- but first, a quick recap: 

In the last installment, Great Lakes Financial went with two different mural selections, one from each of the artists- Maya Rowe and Taylor Johnson. The artists then began their work using acrylic paint in the breezeway of the Osborne building downtown. 

“In all cases of this mural project, Great Lakes loved the designs and execution of the student murals. They were blown away by what the students could do!” Stated art professor, David Hicks, who is overseeing the project.

In the few weeks since the last article, the artists have continued to make ongoing progress on both of the murals. The artists intend to have their work finished this week, no later than May 6. However, this is the last article in the series, as “The Cauldron” takes a break over the summer. The murals will then be visible when walking from the parking garage towards the elevators and gym for all of those who live and work in the Osborn building.

Johnson’s mural thus far, Photo courtesy: Dave Hicks
Rowe’s mural thus far, Photo courtesy: Dave Hicks

Giving students the opportunity to take part in a project like this for the larger Cleveland community holds immense value in contributing to their education. 

“I think it’s extremely valuable for talented CSU Art students to have the opportunity to put their abilities out there in a public context. It helps them realize what they have learned is valued by the public,” stated Hicks. 

In addition, projects like this can give an added boost to the students’ careers as artists. Hicks also mentions, “It is one more step of exposure. Many art students desire to grow in recognition and activities as a local artist. This is a great first step. It is a public project, successful in their experience, that can lead to contacts for future murals or other projects.”
Thank you for keeping up with the series “Bringing Art to Our City”. For more information about the Cleveland State University Art Department, please visit their webpage here.

Author: Trinity Stevens

Trinity Stevens is a current student at Cleveland State University majoring in Dance in Community, minoring in Theatre Studies, and pursuing a certificate in Arts Management & Community Development.