Not another teen movie: The vaccine takes over college dorms

By: Mia Mills

Cleveland State University announced in an email sent to the CSU community on April 1 that the campus will find a sense of normalcy come the fall when they plan to repopulate the campus. In that email, the university also stated that it will require students to receive a COVID-19 vaccine to return to residence halls in the fall. The university implemented this requirement based on the CDC’s current recommendation that the vaccine will protect student health and will be an important tool to curb the pandemic. Current CSU students who live on-campus shared what they think about the requirement.

The university will be welcoming back students this fall with a few guidelines in mind including, continuing social distancing, masks requirements and vaccinations required for all students, Screenshot by: Maddie Saines

Most students that were interviewed supported the required vaccination and offered additional insight. Please note that the students who answered during this interview remained anonymous, and responses have been edited for length and clarity.

Student A felt that “getting the vaccine will help lessen the symptoms and possibly make campus life more enjoyable.”

Student B acknowledged some students may not elect to get the vaccine, but can still attend class by commuting to campus or taking online courses.

Student C has already gotten the vaccine and believes that it will be overall beneficial to the campus community.

Student D points out that getting the vaccine can ease student and parent worries, as she initially felt nervous about living on campus this past fall.

However, not all students share the same positive sentiments. Student E feels that “The university’s vaccine requirement is ridiculous because it feels violating to be told what to do with our bodies.”

Overall, students that were interviewed seemed optimistic about the future of slightly more normal campus life with the vaccine requirement. It is important to continue washing hands, wearing masks, social distancing and remaining vigilant even after vaccines are largely administered, as they are not 100% effective at preventing COVID-19.

To learn the most recent information about the vaccines, visit the CDC’s website. To set up a vaccine appointment, visit Ohio’s appointment website.

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