NEXT GEN RTA releases interactive maps for changing bus routes

By: Maggie Phillips

On April 12, Greater Cleveland Rapid Transit Authority (GCRTA) released a map of the new bus routes for their NEXT GEN RTA improvement plan, which will be implemented on June 13, 2021. This comprehensive plan will increase the frequency of many buses as well as expand RTA access for residents in the city of Cleveland.

The new routes established by NEXT GEN RTA were designed based on research from a 2019 study and public feedback. Despite recent funding constraints, the new plan finds a balance between increased frequency and greater coverage, providing better services for RTA riders in Cleveland.

According to Cleveland for Public Transit- an advocacy organization aimed at building support for local transit ― this new network will double the number of people who live near high-frequency transit. NEXT GEN RTA increases the number of buses that have frequencies of 15 minutes or better and creates more routes that operate 7 days per week.

RTA emphasized that while this plan may eliminate bus stops on some streets, it will continue to provide service to all of the neighborhoods that are part of the current network, and will improve efficiency between neighborhoods. Some routes will change, but for many riders, their wait and ride times will be shorter, and they will face the reduced need for transferring to multiple buses.
More information about NEXT GEN RTA can be found on the GCRTA website. The website includes an interactive map, which compares the current and new routes based on route or frequency, depending on user preferences. It also includes detailed descriptions for each bus line.

The interactive map of the RTA’s new bus routes, found on the GCRTA website. Source:

Representatives from GCRTA will be stationed on buses and at popular bus stops to inform riders about the coming changes in the weeks leading up to the June 13th launch date. Riders can also call GCRTA at 216-621-9500 for specific questions about NEXT GEN RTA changes.