Art: The beauty, the mystery, the madness…the importance

A visit to the Galleries at Cleveland State

By: Trinity Stevens

Art, in all of its beauty, lies hidden a wealth of unanswered questions. Sometimes those are hard, ugly questions, but ones that must be faced. The current exhibit at the Galleries at Cleveland State University, “Here There Be Monsters,” is a perfect example of that importance of art.

Dealing with some heftier topics of human society, artists Laura and Gary Drumm raise many questions about where humanity stands on issues such as global warming, environmental impact, substance misuse, mental health, and physical abuse. These topics are seen throughout the swirling brush strokes of colorful oil pastel. 

“When down is up and up is down, how do we know where we are going?” 


“A Prisoner No More,” Artworks by Laura & Gary Drumm
“Dementia: Which Witch is Which?,” Artworks by Laura & Gary Drumm

The second exhibit currently being displayed at the Galleries, “Glimpses,” plays more to the beauty of inner reflection. It sums up how everyone makes sense of this crazy world in their own creative way. Providing only a title to nudge the viewer in a certain direction of thought, Evie Zimmer’s works leave the imagination to wander. 

Lush florals are clearly a trend in Zimmer’s works, vaguely alluding to the more metaphorical notion of human nature. Also popular among Zimmer’s work are warped shapes and lines that create a distorted dreamscape interpretation of reality. Each piece holds its own distinct meaning for the artist, but it is up to the viewer to uncover what it means to them.

“A glimpse into a place somewhere between reality and fantasy.”


“Night Music,” Artworks by Evie Zimmer
“Wonderlust,” Artworks by Evie Zimmer

The two current exhibits, “Here There Be Monsters” and “Glimpses,” will be on display until April 3. The Galleries at Cleveland State University can be found at 1307 Euclid Ave. They welcome the public to view exhibits free Tuesday thru Saturday from hours of noon and five o’clock p.m. More information is available on their website.

View from inside the Cleveland State University Galleries located on Euclid Ave just steps off CSU’s campus, By: Trinity Stevens

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