Bringing art to our city: Part 1

CSU students submit mural designs

Cleveland State University art students are getting to bring some of their work to the greater Cleveland community. In an opportunity to create a public mural for Great Lakes, students have submitted their potential designs for the artwork. 

Two of the pieces submitted were by Mya Rowe. Both potential designs feature the prominent Playhouse Square chandelier. In one design there is a closeup of a couple eating dinner and drinking a Great Lakes beer in one of the many downtown dining locations, while the chandelier is clearly visible in the background through the restaurant window. The second design shows us a street view where we see the chandelier straight-on, surrounded by the blurred exteriors of downtown buildings.

Playhouse Square chandelier is front and center on Euclid Ave, Cleveland Ohio, Artwork by Mya Rowe
A couple eats dinner in front of the Playhouse Square chandelier. Some other Cleveland aspects are prominent such as the Great Lakes Brewing Company, the subtle “C” for the Cleveland Cavaliers , Artwork by Mya Rowe

A third piece was submitted by Taylor Johnson. This potential design gives us a glimpse of different areas and notable things around Cleveland, while spelling out the words “OHIO” and “CLEVELAND” within the mural itself.

The words “Cleveland” and “Ohio” are displayed in this piece amongst other Cleveland aspects, Artwork by Taylor Johnson

With all three ideas for the mural having been submitted, it is up to Great Lakes to make the final decision as far as which one they want to go with. We will follow the progress of the mural in a series of two follow-up articles later on at various points in its creation. Look forward to “The Cauldron’s” next issue where we will feature the chosen artwork by Great Lakes for the mural design and look at the beginning of the work process.

Author: Trinity Stevens

Trinity Stevens is a current student at Cleveland State University majoring in Dance in Community, minoring in Theatre Studies, and pursuing a certificate in Arts Management.

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