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Cleveland State men’s basketball clinches number one spot in the Horizon League

By: August Vullo

Cleveland State men’s basketball managed to remain top competitors in the Horizon League this season, Source: William Hartman CSU Athletics Department

After last year finishing as the eighth seed, the Cleveland State University Men’s Basketball team has found its way to the number one seed in the Horizon League this year, but they are not finished. Coach Gates has been with the school for two seasons and has also won coach of the year back to back. 

Some standout players this season include Tre Gomillion, who earned defensive player of the year, and Torrey Patton, who averaged a team high of 14 points per game and was named to the All-Horizon League first team. Another player to mention is Deante Johnson, who, along with Gomillion, was named to the All-Defensive Team. Cleveland State’s next game is Tuesday, March 2, and they will face Purdue Fort Wayne, who is seeded tenth in the Horizon League. 

In a post season interview with “The Cauldron” CSU men’s basketball player, Ben Sternburg, said the effects of COVID-19 on the Vikings this season have been both positive and negative.

 “It benefited us because it brought us closer together, due to restrictions,” Sternburg said. 

Sternburg also mentioned how the team has had to stay together the entire season. This has allowed them time to grow not only as a team but as Sternburg puts it “A brotherhood.” He stated coach Gates has been like a father figure throughout the season. 

“He always checks in on us. He is always a phone call away. I have never had a coach like him before. It is an honor to have him as a coach.” 

Sport is more than just the game itself. It is about learning experiences and how to get forward in life. Judging by the comments of Sternburg, the players on this team will not only remember this season, but the lessons learned along the way. Whether those lessons are on or off the court. Go Vikings.