Vaccine requirements for universities

The possibility of a vaccinated generation

By: Dina Usanovic

While the COVID vaccine has just recently become available for emergency use, there is a genuine possibility that the vaccine will become a requirement for attending higher-level education institutions, including Cleveland State. The vaccine has been surrounded with controversy, which is detailed in a previous opinion article. With the controversy in mind, the possibility of it being a requirement is troublesome for certain groups of people. 

It is difficult to decide whether a required vaccine will benefit more people than it will harm. Is it right for an institution to force its visitors to have certain vaccines that they may be against? A requirement for students and faculty of colleges across the United States would certainly improve the chances of herd immunity for the nation, however, the length of efficacy for the vaccine is currently unknown. 

With many questions surrounding the vaccine, a requirement mandating that students and faculty at universities must get the vaccine is worrying for many people. The relatively unknown nature of the vaccine will hopefully be remedied by the time a requirement could be made. For answers to common questions surrounding the vaccine, visit the CDC’s website.

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