Adding a bit of jive to your java

CSU’s recreation center to start virtual coffee talks.

By Trinity Stevens

Cleveland State University students, is your morning cup of coffee just not what it used to be? Pandemic winter blues got you down? Well, rub those sleepy eyes and mope no further, the Cleveland State Recreation Center has just the thing to put the jump back in your joe…virtual morning coffee talks.

Cleveland State student Molly Bregar, has her morning cup of coffee before classes, By: Molly Bregar

These 30-minute zoom sessions will take place at 10:00 a.m. on Jan. 26, Feb. 10 and 17, March 9, April 7 and 21. These morning chats will help you do more than just satisfy some much-needed social time, students might even learn something too. Each session will be geared towards a different topic, from finances to car maintenance, there is something useful for every student. These virtual coffee talk sessions are free and open to all university students, however advanced registration is required online.

Do not worry, it is not exclusive to just coffee either, surely hot tea or orange juice, amongst other morning beverages will be just as welcome. The Rec Center will also put on additional virtual events for students throughout the semester. Some of these events include things like baking/cooking tutorials, trivia contests, game nights, and e-sports. Plus, virtual fitness classes are still being offered as well. Keep an eye out for the latest information on the CSU Rec Center website.

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