Cleveland State will extend the pass/fail option into spring 2021 semester

By: Maddie Saines

Cleveland State University’s Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Honors College, By: Maddie Saines

In a Faculty Senate meeting on Dec. 2, 2020, the temporary pass/fail option, offered to curb the effects of remote learning, was approved to extend into the spring 2021 semester. CSU has not formally announced the plan for the extension to the student body.

All undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to opt for pass/fail, except for law students. CSU students will again be able to decide amongst the letter grade given by the professor of the course at the end of the semester or opt for a pass/fail mark on their transcript. Students may choose the pass/fail option for any course except those in their specified major or if a certain letter grade is listed as a course requirement.   

To be eligible to opt for pass/fail, undergraduate students must earn a “C” letter grade or higher, and for graduate students a “B.” Upon choosing the pass/fail option instead of the letter grade, students may not rescind their decision upon accepting the distinction on their transcript. The pass/fail option will not influence a student’s semester or cumulative GPA, as the student transcript will reflect an “S” or “U” for satisfactory or unsatisfactory. 

The option to choose pass/fail will be available towards the end of the spring semester. 

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