27 Coffee Club: Are the pink lattes worth the hype?

By Maddie Saines

Located on the west side of downtown Cleveland, nestled just above the Flats area is a new aesthetic, local cafe, bar, and restaurant named 27 Coffee Club, better known as your “Local Coffee Dealers.” 

Recently opened by Cleveland native, and popular artist Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) at the end of September, this local spot serves up trendy, Instagram-worthy coffees and specialty cocktails, local and domestic brews, an extensive wine selection, teas, and smoothies. They also have a diverse food selection ranging from pizzas to wraps to staple breakfast foods like waffles and eggs. It’s also very affordable from a college student’s perspective. 

If you have been remotely on social media, you may recall this spot because of their most popular and picture-worthy drink, the pink latte, which is delicately rimmed with pink sugar. While this drink deserves the hype for the sheer presentation, I was skeptical of the taste and overall cafe because of its apparent social media popularity. You can’t believe everything you see online.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly at 27 Coffee Club on its grand opening Sept 26, Instagram @machinegunkelly

I had to investigate this joint for myself. Due to COVID-19, I wanted to wait until the initial crowds died down to head out to the west side. However, it seems the cafe has a steady flow of customers, native clevelanders and non-native, throughout the day.

 Upon walking into the cafe, I could already tell why everyone was raving about this place. The baby pink walls and decor, succulents, and small lights scattered throughout the cafe created a relaxed, Zen feel. I could even snag a picture under the popular wall art, in the booth made famous by MGK himself and Megan Fox.

Me sitting in the iconic booth shown above, By Maddie Saines

There were art, stools, and table markers with popular artists like Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Mac Miller and others, representing the popular conspiracy of “The 27 Club,” from which the cafe derives its overarching theme.

I ordered a regular pepperoni pizza, which was top-notch. It would be a great item to grab on a lunch break from work or meeting up with an old friend. I also went for the hyped pink latte in which you can get hot or cold, add your choice of pink milk and a flavor shot. This was really the moment of truth.

Pepperoni pizza at 27 Coffee Club, By Maddie Saines

The pink latte is 100% worth the hype it gets via social media. As someone who drinks coffee regularly, I can say this latte has a divine, rich coffee taste, with a splash of sweetness with its sugar rim. 

Overall, the experience, food, and coffee earns a raving review. It is a local spot, definitely worth supporting. Grab a latte, snag the popular MGK booth and enjoy.