CSU spring 2021 semester updates

By Jenna Thomas

Near the end of October, the administration released their plan for the spring semester. Though subject to change, here is what to expect for its COVID-19 response:

  1. 44% of classes will be offered in-person. This is a decrease from the 50% that the University committed to having in-person at the beginning of the fall semester (though throughout the semester, that number declined). During his last major update, Governor Mike DeWine warned that universities may have to conduct classes entirely online. 
  1. If any classes are held in-person this spring, expect the on-campus expectations around masks, distancing, and online wellness check-ins to continue. Safety ambassadors will continue their monitoring on campus to ensure students are abiding by safety protocols.
  1. Spring Break will be moved to January 9-16, rather than the typical mid-March vacation. This will extend the break between semesters by a week. In hopes to limit travel, the university will instead cancel classes on Wednesday, March 10, and Thursday, April 8. 

If Ohio, and particularly the Cuyahoga County area, continues to trend towards a “public emergency” designation (also known as turning purple) there could be major changes to the university’s policies. The governor also has significant authority over how public universities are expected to operate. If Governor Mike DeWine implores universities to close, they likely will. Up-to-date announcements are available on the CSU website here.

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