The fears of voting

By: Dina Usanovic

Cuyahoga County Board of Elections main hall, Cleveland, Ohio, By: Maddie Saines

Driving past the local voting centers is daunting. On top of voting  lines that wrap around entire buildings, the chilly Ohio weather and fear of COVID-19 makes it even more difficult to want to stand in those lines. However, we have a duty to preserve our democracy and exercise our right to vote, regardless of the circumstances.

This election year features new challenges, including a global pandemic. Because of this, there has been a move to make the act of voting more accessible through mail-in ballots. The practice of mailing in ballots has been surrounded with an air of controversy, with President Trump warning the nation that there has been possible corruption of mail-in ballots.

This has created tension throughout the nation, especially between the top two contenders for the upcoming presidential election. In stark contrast to Trump himself, his opponent- Joe Biden- claims that there are regulations in place to prevent corruption and has been encouraging citizens to participate in mail-in voting. Biden has attempted to ease the public’s mind concerning the mail-in ballot option, however, many remain apprehensive that this election is entirely free of corruption.

With the uncertainty of America’s future, this is possibly the most important election year of our time. The next leader of our country will be responsible for controlling (or not controlling) the pandemic, improving (or not improving) climate change, and so much more. It is important to choose who will represent our country and who will make these life-changing choices.

Regardless of the mode chosen, the act of voting is arguably the most important thing you will do this month. If you choose to vote in person, dress for the weather and prepare for the lines!