Jingle bell hell

By: Dina Usanovic

It’s the most wonderful time of the year- and the longest. Each year, beginning signs of the Christmas season appear earlier and earlier each year. This year, Christmas decorations were displayed at stores before Halloween, which is a new low.

Christmas season has a certain nostalgia surrounding it- white lights, white snow, fluffy blankets, Christmas movies, fires, hot chocolate, etc. While this nostalgia is not discountable, there is a proper time of the year for it. The Christmas season should not start before Thanksgiving.

Stores across the nation have been profiting off of this holiday season, and have begun instituting national traditions such as Black Friday to encourage mass shopping and increase sales. It is no surprise that stores are starting the season earlier and earlier, as this creates an increase in sales for a longer period of time. Why should we buy into it? Is there any reason to begin decorating for Christmas nearly three months before the actual holiday? 

Early Christmas seasons take away from other national holidays, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. Even Hanukkah is overshadowed by Christmas. It is important that all holidays are given proper representation and celebrations, regardless of how much profit stores make from them. It is time to take back the holidays and enjoy everything this time of year has to offer.