Adopting a pet through the Cleveland APL

By: Maggie Phillips

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, animal adoptions have been on the rise. However, this does not mean the supply of adoptable animals is running low- there are still plenty of animals who need good homes. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, each year around 6.5 million animals are placed into animal shelters, but only half that number are adopted annually. 

With temperatures on a gradual decline, many people are searching for indoor activities that will keep them occupied this winter. One activity that could fill the upcoming darker days is adopting a pet from the Cleveland Animal Protection League (APL).

The Cleveland APL is a humane society with many cats, dogs, and other animals available for adoption. While its Tremont location will remain closed to the public, people interested in adopting can still set up appointments through its website. The cost to adopt a cat starts around $50, while the cost to adopt a dog starts around $125.

The Cleveland APL hosts an annual event known as the “Fur Ball,” which will take place virtually this fall. This event serves as a fundraiser for the APL, specifically for their Second Chance Program, allowing them to rescue and treat even more animals in need. This year’s event will take place on Nov. 7 and will include a virtual pet show and both live and silent auctions. Click here to learn more about the upcoming event.

Here are some photos of CSU students’ pets to help get you through this busy week:

Pet 1- Zuko, 1, Natalie Dhyanchand

Pet 2- Kluber, old man, Jack Brancatelli

Pet 3- Tobi, 15 weeks, Sean Scherl

Pet 4- Chelsea, Lily McClung

Pet 5- Campbell, 1, Lily McClung

Pet 6- Tigger, 5, Skylar Bridgeforth

Pet 7- Bucket (white) and Puddles (grey), 6 months, Molly Yackin

Pet 8- Zoey, 8, Nick Hawks