The best of club sports: Ultimate Frisbee Club

By: Jamison Schroeder

Club sports are a bright spot here at Cleveland State University, and with 23 clubs there are over a hundred students who are taking place in some sort of activity throughout the year. Club sports are a perfect way to stay active and meet new people, but with this year it has been difficult for these clubs to recruit new athletes. Club sports are open to everyone, new or experienced, and anyone clubs are always seeking new members. 

One of Cleveland State’s most active club sports is Ultimate Frisbee team. The basis of the game is passing the disc down the field with your teammates and scoring by catching it in the end zone. The catch is that you cannot move while holding onto the disc. Sophomore and second year team member, Jared Kenney, says 

“Anyone can pick it up…the more experienced players will set the pace and make the tough throws…others will create space for an open catch.”

The team captain is Cupar Meikle who is in his third year with the team. He spoke on the overall vibe and atmosphere of a game and practice. 

“Traveling with the team and competing after weeks of hard work is nerve racking but also exhilarating. The practice atmosphere is more laid back, but we also work really hard…”

Ultimate Frisbee, like most club sports, comes with a lot of physical and mental advantages. Senior and second year player, Bekah Smith says the sport is an incredible way to stay in shape and relieve stress. When asked what a new player should expect during a normal season, Smith said,

“Two practices a week and a handful of tournaments throughout the year. Expect to be welcomed into the CSU Ultimate community and be invited to team parties and game nights.” 

Although official practices for club sports have been cancelled for the fall semester, students can still join the group chats and get to know some of the members of the clubs. The club can be found on Vikes Connect or GroupMe’s Campus Connect. If you are a club sport representative and would like your club sport in the following issue, be sure to reach out to The Cauldron on any of our social media accounts.