Is Baker Mayfield ‘the man’?

By Anton Krieger

The 3-year veteran who once had lit up FirstEnergy Stadium with his swagger seemed to show glimpses of his old self on Thursday Night Football.

Baker Mayfield was drafted in 2018 and earned his spot as the starting quarterback after an electric debut against the New York Jets coming in for an injured Tyrod Taylor. Despite exceeding expectations in his rookie year, Mayfield’s performance has been inconsistent throughout 2019 and the first two games of 2020.

Mayfield had a historic season his rookie year by breaking the rookie touchdown record that both Payton Manning and Russel Wilson held. Following a coaching carousel in his second year, Mayfield showed some obvious regression by throwing five fewer touchdowns, seven more interceptions, and getting sacked fifteen more times than his rookie year. 

This year fans are still wondering what side of Baker Mayfield they are going to see this season after witnessing a big 38-6 loss from the Baltimore Ravens and a high scoring 35-30 win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

Baker Mayfield teased the Cleveland Browns fan base talking about his cohesion with the offense since the regime change at the beginning of 2020.

“Scheme-wise, I think my attributes match up to what they want to do. Not only that, I think it matches up to our team and the people they have brought in. Our whole offense, just mentality-wise, culture-wise, and of a no BS policy, you are going to know exactly what we want to do, and you are expected to do it. It is just an adult-type thing. Handle your business, and we will have success and we will have fun doing it.” 

Despite Mayfield’s confidence, the run game has been the core of the Brown’s offense with Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt totaling 210 yards and three touchdowns against the Bengals.

The Cleveland Browns next face off will be in Dallas, TX against the Dallas Cowboys on Oct. 4.