Masterkeys Software Assistance relocates to Michael Schwartz Library

By Savannah Lewis

The Tutoring and Academic Success Center’s (TASC) software assistance program, Masterkeys, has changed location. Masterkeys is now located on the third floor of the Michael Schwartz library, in the Digital Design Studio. Originally, Masterkeys was located on the second floor of Berkman Hall, not too far from TASC. 

The Masterkeys program offers generalized assistance with different programs, ranging from working with Microsoft Office Suite to basic questions about Blackboard, as well as understanding useful skills, such as saving or sending files.  

Ashleigh Oliver, graduate assistant of software coaching at TASC, explained the reason behind moving locations to this part of the library. 

“We felt as if our traffic was not as high as we thought it could be,” Oliver said. “We wanted to be closer to where students were actively working on their assignments.” 

Since the move, Oliver explained that they have seen an increase of students utilizing this service. 

Oliver and Chrissy Knapke, director of TASC, also credit Anne Marie Smeraldi, assistant director for public services and Melinda Smerek, coordinator for the Digital Design Studio, who helped TASC with the transition of moving Masterkeys to the library.