Mareyjoyce Green Women’s Center provides resources for CSU students

By Vanessa Murphy 

Photos by Gwen Bueche

women's center 1

“The Women’s Center is a resource center, focusing on women, that serves the entire campus community,” Jillian Keller, the Cleveland State University assistant director of resource centers, stated. “It’s a great place to study, join in on lively conversations on a variety of topics that affect women, and a place to create community.” 

women's center 2

While the center has been around for quite some time, it was once the Women’s Center and Women’s Studies.  The Women’s Center is also now part of the Division of Student Affairs. “The Women’s Comprehensive Program was established in 1975. It was a combination of Women’s Studies and Women’s Center,” Keller explained. “Upon Mareyjoyce Green’s retirement in 2008, the two were separated into Women’s Studies and The Mareyjoyce Green Women’s Center.”

women's center 3

The center offers a variety of different services that serve almost every type of purpose. “We help students succeed in a variety of ways-through advocacy, through community building, and through 1-to-1 interactions,” Keller said. “If a student needs assistance or a place to call home on campus, the Women’s Center is here.” The center wants to establish a ground for fresh starts, new horizons and overcoming obstacles. 

women's center 4

The Women’s Center is located in Berkman Hall 142.