After a slow start, the House of Blues crowd rocks out

Concert Review: Wallows and Remo Drive

By Griffin Parrett

Wallows, a pop rock band from Los Angeles, California, and Remo Drive, an alternative/indie rock band from Bloomington, Minnesota, recently came through the House of Blues in Cleveland. The two bands were a stellar line up as they both differ in sound and genre. 

Remo Drive, a past do-it-yourself band opened up for Wallows. They started with their new hit single, ‘Two Bux,’ off of their record, “Every Day, Natural Degradation.” The crowd seemed questionable at first as some of them did not seem to know how to react to the band’s sound. 

As mentioned before, Remo Drive does not usually open up for bigger bands like Wallows, but they seemed to fit right in as they played one of their more upbeat punk songs, ‘Eat S***.’ Everyone suddenly got into their music at that point. The crowd started jumping and throwing their hands in the air. Some of Remo’s long-time fans even began to loudly sing along. Remo ended their set with, ‘I’m My Own Doctor,’ a song perfect for ending a set. At this point, the crowd was finally into them and was ready to see Wallows. 

Wallows, a four-piece band lead by Dylan Minnette, continued the energy by opening up with, ‘Do Not Wait.’ The crowd was roaring at this point, with their mixed reception to Remo Drive long in the past. 

The crowds began to push against each other and throw their hands up in jubilation as Wallows sang and did their catchy riffs. 

Wallows recently came out of with, ‘Are You Bored Yet?’ featuring Clairo. As someone who does not religiously listen to Wallows, I was looking forward to seeing where they would place this song in their set. Wallows put the song near the end of their setlist. The crowd again came with high energy as they sang back at many points. It was mesmerizing to hear a crowd so into one band. 

They ended their night with a lowkey song, ‘Scrawny.’ The song is a bit grungier than any other of their songs. They walked off the stage but were they done? 

The answer was no. They came back on with an encore of three more songs. 

Overall, both Wallows and Remo put on a great show.


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