Photostory: Battle of the Bands

By Daniel Newman 


On Aug. 29, Cleveland State University welcomed students back to school by hosting three bands. While this event was a recess for the students, it was ironically the name of the first band to perform. Vincent Fondale, the band’s lead singer  (pictured above) was a big fan of performing at Cleveland State. 

“The atmosphere was what we could have expected here, overall it was a great show,” Fondale said.

Fondale noted that all of the members in the band are from the Cleveland suburbs. 


   After a brief intermission that allowed students the chance to grab free slices of pizza bigger than their head, courtesy of Sauced Pizza, the band OBB was up next. 

They performed heartfelt songs, such as their single “Sweater,” which describes a sweater and what it represents in a relationship, as smoke engulfed the stage.   


The final band was Next Town Down, who energized the crowd by encouraging dancing and participation. The group flashed wide grins and enjoyed the atmosphere that the students were providing, feeding off their energy as the night wound down.  

The food was very good, mainly because it was free, but it had a lot of flavor, and it was a big slice of pizza,” said freshman Wyatt Blakely. “I enjoy the atmosphere, I didn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable. I’m having a lot of fun.”

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