Review: TEEN makes a splash at Beachland Ballroom


By Griffin Parrett

As soon as concert-goers walked into the Beachland Ballroom, they could instantly feel the history of the venue. With memories of all the music that was and will be played displayed on the walls, an air of excitement could be felt. TEEN hit the stage in the tavern area of Beachland Ballroom, on March 28, 2019.

The night began with a band called The Swimfan, who hails from the Cleveland area. One could call them “local support,” however, they started the night off with a huge bang. The crowd gathered around and could be seen dancing and grooving to the band’s indie rock style music.

Wanting to start  off the set with what could only be described as “true grit,”  the band began to play their song, “Night Sweats.” The vocals from their lead singer, Joe Penzalta, captured the hearts of many, not only live and onstage but also in their newly released EP, “mapache,” released last June.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Port Lucian kept the night’s energy rolling with her mixed indie, lofi and psych pop sound.

The way she blended her intricate lyrics, mesmerizing beats and very smooth sounding guitar had everyone in the crowd feeling relaxed. Although the music was very chill, you could tell that the energy in the crowd was still there.

Lucian kept this energy by showing her passion for the music that she had created.

She did two excellent covers, “Space Song” by Beach House and “Absent Year” by Radiator Hospital, as well as her own original work. She played songs from her EP “Sun” and other singles such as “Lucid Dreaming II.”

After Lucian was done, there was a small set break. This break gave TEEN time to prepare for what would be their amazing set to come.

TEEN is a band from New York, composed of three very talented women. These women have known each other their entire lives, because band members Teeny, Lizzie and Katherine are all sisters.

They were gifted with their music abilities, essentially from birth, as their father was very well-known composer, Peter Lieberson.

The band, TEEN, has a very unique style of music, with a mix between indie pop and 90s synth pop. Their sound is very clean, and I really cannot compare to any other artist.

TEEN, who just released their fifth studio album, opened up with the song “Putney,” off of their newest release, “Good Fruit.”

While playing, “Putney,” Teeny and Lizzie swayed back and forth to the beat doing syncopated choreography. The swaying made the music seem as if the song had more meaning to them.

During their set, the band used a backtrack, to help add to the live music they were already playing. While it may sound offputting, as most artists who do this tend to make it sound corny, TEEN made the use of it seem effortless and very smooth.

As their set continued, Teeny would change back and forth between her Gibson six string guitar, and her Fender four string bass, depending on what song was getting ready to be played next. The switching of instruments kept things interesting and less monotonous.

The tone of the guitar was based on what pedal she pressed. However, when she did play the guitar the sound tended to have a deep hard rock vibe to balance out the backtracking mentioned before.

In addition to playing their guitars and pianos, Teeny and Lizzie still were able to do more choreography while they sang almost perfect harmonies together.

The night ended with their song, “Only Water,” a song also on their most recent studio album, “Good Fruit.” During this song, TEEN had a steady rhythm while playing the track. They were clearly building up for a grand finale. The build up came, the rhythm switched and the song dropped. It was a very neat moment to see as the bass drop got the crowd to jump up and down to the beat.

However, one thing needs to be said, TEEN’s recordings compared to their live shows do not compare at all. TEEN is better live than in their recordings. This is because when a listener decides to give them a play on their favorite streaming service, they will not get the same connection to the band as they would at a live show.

Overall, TEEN has a very good live presence to them. The line up was a mixed genre show, ranging from indie rock, to lofi pop and then 90’s synth pop. This kept the crowd interested and dancing to the music that was played.

As the show ended, everyone funneled outside to talk about what they just witnessed. The crowd could be heard saying, “Wow that was a great show, I am quite surprised.”

If you get a chance to see any of these artists, go and enjoy yourself.