Cleveland man assaults CSU student in campus restroom

By Kourtney Husnick

A female, Cleveland State University student was assaulted in a Monte Ahuja College of Business restroom on the first floor on Sunday, Feb. 17. She was in a bathroom stall when she noticed a man looking at her through the gap in the stall, according to a police report.

The man, later identified as 62-year-old Otis Morman of Cleveland, reportedly reached at the student over the stall door, shouting “give me the money, give me the cash!”

Morman then reached under the stall and grabbed the student’s leg, she told the Cleveland State Police Department.After she screamed, Morman let go without taking anything, and the student called the police.

Police saw Morman exiting the Business Building in a hurry, according to the police report. He was detained on robbery charges and remains in custody on $50,000 bond, according to a report.

The Cauldron reached out to ask why the student body was not informed of this incident through the campus safety alert system.

The system, utilized to email the campus community when incidents concerning safety in the Cleveland State area occur, has not been used to send alerts to students since February 2018, from what our search was able to determine.

It is unknown to The Cauldron how many incidents have occurred on campus since the last safety alert was sent out last year.

The Cauldron was offered an explanation of the policy for notification by Will Dube, the university’s director of communications and media relations.

The offer was made Friday afternoon to receive an explanation over the phone, but after two unanswered calls and a voicemail from our staff that day, an explanation was not given.


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