Letter from the A&E Editor

While the weather gets colder and the nights get longer there are very few things left to do in our beloved city of Cleveland. The nights of people being able to spend the evening traipsing across town with your friends are dwindling to a mere handful because of the atmosphere that is occurring.

With an adventurous soul, being cooped up in an apartment, dorm or family home can become a little bland.  It is enough to make even the most relaxed human being restless.

However, just because your body may be stuck in shelter, safe from the withering cold outside, doesn’t mean your mind is barred from thousands of adventures waiting to be had.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we mean those things called books, stories of characters who have lived lives filled with suspense, action, love, heartbreak, mystery and evil deeds just waiting to be shared. So for those long nights, or just an afternoon break, we are bringing to you the Bubbling Book Corner from your very own student publication, The Cauldron.

We hope to welcome you into new stories that you will grow to love just as we have. So without further ado, let us introduce you to what we are sure will become your newest obsession.


-Ashley Mott

Arts and Entertainment Editor