CSU’S communication department expands


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While there have been many renovations occurring on campus, with Washkewicz Hall entering phase two of its completion, the new film school and the Weston Ideation Lab all coming into the public eye, some of the other in additions to campus have been hidden in the dark.

One of the newest additions to Cleveland State University comes from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences’ communications department. Undergoing a slight renovation has given way to new classes, classrooms and more opportunities for students to grow and learn.

The 2019 spring semester has brought with it the brand-new Podcasting class, listed as COM 372 on CampusNet, for students to enjoy and learn about a new take on the media.

Kimberly Neuendorf, a professor in the communications department, spoke highly about her excitement at being able to share with students what she views as a great form of journalism.

The three-credit class offers opportunities for students to learn how to write a script with good content that brings a fresh sound to the ears of its listeners, how to work Audacity — a sound program for creating podcasts — and how to create a portfolio that is useable for real world job applications.

It is because of all the opportunities this class has, that makes it the perfect elective for those who want to be well-rounded in the field of journalism, those who want to explore their creative side or those who just want to learn more about podcasting and all it has to offer.

With assignments galore, there will be many opportunities throughout the semester for students in the class to show off their talents behind the microphone.

“I really look forward to what this class has to offer for me as a communications major,” Victoria Shepherd, a student in COM 372, said.  “I think this class for sure has a ton of potential to be great.”

Students and professors alike seem to be bursting with anticipation at what new journeys this class will bring to them and have high hopes with how it will affect the minds of the student population about what it means to be involved in the journalism world.

Many people believe that journalism is about putting pen to paper and printing articles for all the world to read; however, this new outlet combines pen and print with two other forms of media, web and sound. The combination of all four is sure to create some talk among the department and its students.

In addition to the launch of this new class, Cleveland State also launched the new podcasting studio which houses an upgraded audio studio, allowing for faculty to create new videos and audio files for Cleveland State’s students, faculty and staff to enjoy and view on numerous media outlets.

The launch for the podcasting studio was hosted on Tuesday, Jan. 22 in Rhodes Tower 401, for students and faculty to learn more about the studio and see a live podcast in action.

While it still remains to be seen whether or not faculty will use the new studio as a resource for the podcasting class or not, it seems to be more than likely as its reveal came in conjunction with the creation of the new class.