Cleveland State’s hockey team off to a strong start this season

By: Beth Casteel

Following an uninspired 12-8 season last year, the Cleveland State club hockey team had a lot to prove going into their current season this year.

The team officially opened their season with a home and away game against Denison, where the Vikings lost both of their games. This got the team off to an 0-2 start.

While things were looking down, the team quickly recovered from the losses of that first weekend and went on to win their next four games, three of which were away while one was at home.

After their four-game winning streak, the Vikings fell against Indiana University by a score of 6-3 during a home game on Friday, Oct. 26.

The team then went on to play Akron, on Nov. 2, where they defeated the Zips 12-1 during a game at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. A couple of days after that game, the Vikings then took on California University, on Nov. 4, where they lost against the team in a tough battle. The game resulted in a score of 4-3.

Most recently, the Vikings played Akron, where they won both of their games at home. The first game against Akron was on Friday, Nov. 9, where the team defeated Akron with a score of 7-2.

Following the battle against Akron on Friday, the team’s second game was on Saturday, Nov. 10, which saw the team take home their second win of the weekend with a victory in a shootout.

After 12 games in, one of which was postponed, the Vikings currently hold a 7-4 record with five more games remaining in the fall semester, and 15 games coming up in the spring semester.

Looking ahead, the Vikings have their next game against Eastern Kentucky at home on Friday, Nov. 16 before traveling to Kentucky to take on the team yet again in an away game on Saturday, Nov. 17.

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