Madeline Kenney comes to Beachland Ballroom & Tavern

By Ashley Mott

The soft voice of Madeline Kenney answered the phone with a bright and sunny “hello,” as she began to tell the tales of her journey in the music industry. From the young age five,  the 26-year-old has always been involved with music.

What started out with her attending piano lessons begrudgingly, turned into a career filled with music, laughter and joy. Growing up with theory exams and judges all around her, Kenney had a lot of experience on a stage — experience that shows in her more recent onstage performances.

She has been playing guitar since the age of 16, a happy accident that occured when she wanted to become a camp counselor and needed to be able to play campfire music. Although her experience with music ranges far back into her childhood, touring with a band and playing concerts as a career is all a brand new development for her.

Many people hope for a career in music to be long lasting, but with that being  said, Kenney is very realistic about her music career and where it may, or may not, lead.

“I think that it’s foolish to think that a career in music is a thing that can last, unless you’re one of the very select few,” Kenney said “I’m trying to be aware and appreciative of the fact that this is a temporary career.”

While Kenney hopes for the best in music, she still has other goals that she would like to achieve in the future.

She has been baking for nine years and hopes one day to settle down and run her own cafe or bakery, among other things. She knows that even after her music career is done, she will continue to write and sing.

“If I stopped, I would stop existing, I think,” Kenney said.

In the meantime, Kenney is enjoying her cross-country trip for the first leg of her current tour in support of her new album “Perfect Shapes,” with her bandmates. According to her, they are all very close to each other, starting every show with a group hug to share their love and support for one another.

Much like her musical family, her biological one supports her too, getting excited about her tours and being mentioned in “Rolling Stone” magazine.  While their support may be unconventional in some ways, Kenney is happy for it.

“I think they’re proud of me in their own way,” Kenney said.

With everyone behind her and driving her forward, she is headed to Cleveland next month to play at Beachland Ballroom & Tavern on Nov. 7. Kenney, never having been to Cleveland before is excited to see the city and try out all its classic treats while she’s in town.

“I am really excited. I’ve never played a show in Ohio,” Kenney said, “I always like asking what the best food is where we’re playing because … you don’t have much time in the city, so you want to get the best of the best.”

With a recommendation to Barrio and a wish of luck, Kenney signed off the phone call, excited to continue her tour and see the city of Cleveland in the coming month.