Rave Guardian app replaces Viking Shield

By Nicole Thering

With the beginning of the new school year, Cleveland State University decided it was time for a new security app.

The Rave Guardian replaced the old app, Viking Shield, which was introduced to almost every student during their orientation to the school and during campus tours.

Rave Guardian is not just a Cleveland State-centralized app like Viking Shield was. Cleveland State paired up with Rave Mobile Safety, a pre-existing company with award-winning safety apps which brings a whole new level of safety to the campus.

Rather than having a small app, students have access to an app that has been around but is still customized for Cleveland State.

With easy account set up that only requires your phone number, you are ready to use the app.

The new app utilizes brighter colors than the old app, and it has features not previously seen on the old app.

Safety timers are introduced. By setting a timer while on route to your destination, if you do not turn it off before it goes off while getting to your destination, law enforcement is notified and will come find you.

Rave Guardian does brings back the safety escort feature that Viking Shield had. Not only can you get connected quickly with law enforcement on campus, but you can also chat with them via text message. This allows for quick communication while keeping a low profile. Additionally, contacts for campus security and campus police are readily available so any student can easily access what they needed to in the case of an emergency. There are also quick-push buttons available that automatically connect you with the police on campus or other emergency services.

Also, there is an option to request a security escort if you are ever feeling unsure about walking alone from one place to another.

With the new freshmen class rolling in and changes coming to Berkman Hall—formerly Main Classroom—the new Washkewicz College of Engineering, and the developments in the film school, it is time to switch the campus security app up.  

While Rave Guardian echoes the predecessor that came before it, hopefully some of its new features make it more appealing to students.  

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