Rock the Block rocks your socks off


On a warm August evening outside of Fenn Tower, one could hear the sounds of an acoustic guitar playing in the wind. The sky looked as though Autumn was just beginning to start. Students were singing along to their favorite songs as the Icarus Account performed live on stage.

Right next to the stage, which acted as a juxtaposition to the autumn festival vibe, was a giant zipline where students were laughing and screaming with joy as they rode down to the ground. A long line of anxious people followed behind, each waiting to get their turn.

Rock the Block was put on by the Campus Activities Board (CAB) and the Recreation Center on Aug. 30. Students enjoyed the live band, zipline, free giveaways and recreational activities that were placed along E. 24th street.

The event took place not only outside, but also inside the Recreational Center, where students could take part in activities such as bubble soccer and a 3-point basketball tournament. The competitive atmosphere kicked off the year in a fun and active way, you could almost taste the anticipation of a win in the air.

Just outside the Recreation Center, tables were set up down the block for the various sports clubs on campus, who were inviting students to play their favorite sports for competitive fun. From club softball and baseball, to dodgeball, tumbling, ultimate frisbee and more there was a myriad of options available to students.

Across the street from Fenn Tower, a giant zip line took the place of the free jump from last year’s event.


“It was the first thing I noticed walking out of my dorm,” Megan Bryars said, a freshman film student.

The zipline offered an adrenaline rush to students who were excited to try it out. Some students found that the zipline was a step up from last year’s free jump, loving that it was a not-so-scary option because of the harness involved.

“I like the zipline,” Brandon Sgobbo said, a senior engineering student. “It’s really fun and not scary at all. I think it is a great use of the outdoor space.”

Other students, however, felt the free jump was better last year.

“I liked the free jump more because you aren’t attached to anything, and it’s fun,” Haylee Bryars said, a senior film student. “I’ve been ziplining before, and I wish the zipline could have been higher.”

Despite the difference of opinions the zipline was still a huge hit among students and while it was a great attraction for them, it wasn’t the only thing enticing students to come to the event. From a photo booth and a prize wheel, to the ice cream truck and free snacks there was a little something for everyone.

“I have a rational fear of heights,” William Stocker said, a senior informational systems student. “I’m just here for the ice cream trucks.”

As the evening progressed the headliner, the Icarus Account, took the stage and played popular acoustic cover songs. Students could be seen singing along and swaying to the music. Their rendition of Nicki Minaj’s song “Super Bass” could be heard all down E. 24th street as students joyously joined with band members, and twin brothers Ty and Trey.

“I liked every song they played,” Haylee Bryars said. “It made the whole thing feel like a fall festival.”

According to students in CAB, this year’s event was much better managed this year than last year.

“Last year, this was my first ever event,” Annemarie Jarachovis, a junior nursing student and planner of Rock the Rec said. “This year, I felt it was better managed. This year we had a good number of students trickle in instead of come all at once.”

New comer Kayla Ball, CAB After Dark chair, was in charge of the CAB side of the successful event.

The event went until 8 p.m. ending with the band playing their last song, inviting students to sing along and clap with them one more time.