A quick look outside of America

By Danielle Mihalcea

Quite a few students around campus would find it very difficult pointing out where Myanmar, Bolivia, or even somewhere as simple as Spain is on a map. On top of that, students would find it even more difficult listing facts about those countries. This always leads to the question – why? Why are students immensely uninformed about the world outside America?  

Do not get me wrong, growing up in America has been a true blessing to me. But now as a junior in college majoring in International Relations and constantly learning about other countries, I can only continue to reflect on why students in America are not educated enough in grade-school, middle school, or even high school on countries around the world. Learning about other countries and cultures not only broadens mindsets, but it can generate a better understanding amongst our differences as human beings.

Staying updated on current events could potentially lead to limiting the inequality between races, religions, and ethnicities in America. Now, let me pause briefly and state that I am not here to magically cure racism — because unfortunately the issue revolving around racism goes beyond just the familiarization of cultures.

I am here to simply inform the Cleveland State student body that as current college students, it is your job to open your mind while you are still young and receiving an education. Expand your boundaries when choosing between what news sources to watch or read.

Next time make a spontaneous decision and choose to read BBC News, Reuters, or The Guardian. World news sources will inform you on far more than what Trump just tweeted, or what took place in a state right next to yours. You have the opportunity right at your fingertips to grasp atrocious, as well as life-altering events that are currently going on in the world.

Events that are not commonly covered, and that are still occurring. Events such as the grueling Rohingya crisis, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, how women are being treated in Sudan, slavery in Libya, or the Syrian Civil War. Events that constantly need a light shed on them, so that world leaders or citizens in other countries could at least be informed about the conflicts.

Do not distress; because positive world events can be read about too. Events that could enhance your perspective on life. Some events might include technology upgrades in Holland, women striving to get an education in Afghanistan, or a Romanian photographer displaying the true beauty of women through her work. An inspiring event could revise your viewpoints and change the way you live by replicating that positivity shown through your actions for others.

Use your time wisely, and do not be ignorant of the world around you, for it is full of knowledge and opportunity roaming around every corner. You just need to take the first step forward yourself.