New Schedule Planner tool automates course scheduling process

By: Anna Toth

Students have a new tool available to help them plan their ideal class schedule: the Schedule Planner.

This new tool automatically generates a course schedule based around the student’s required classes and other preferences.

This tool was built with students and advisors in mind, according to Director of Student Success Programs Heike Heinrich.

“We wanted students to conveniently be able to create and view all course combinations with the click of a button,” Heinrich said. “We wanted advisors to easily be able to do the same, so they can focus on more important topics in their advising sessions to help the students be successful.”

Students will have the ability to plug in their required classes for the upcoming semester as well as their availability. A schedule will be automatically generated with that in mind. Instead of building their schedules around school, the Schedule Planner gives students the chance to plan their schooling around their personal and professional commitments.

The schedule planner allows for students to put filters on what types of sessions they want, what course levels they need and see the status of the course. Just like in CampusNet, a student can search from courses and add them to the schedule planner.

Students can also put in breaks for meals, study hours or anything else that they might need or prefer a break for.

After everything has been put in, they can generate a schedule. At this point, the Schedule Planner will let students know if they weren’t able to fit the student’s ideal schedule or if the student doesn’t meet eligibility requirements for a course.

After a preferred schedule is generated, the student can send the schedule to CampusNet and make it official.

“The schedule planner builds a variety of class schedule options, including only open classes,” Heinrich said.

The schedule planner also allows students to secure schedules for fall, spring and summer semesters all at the same time. Registration for the next three semesters — summer, fall and spring — typically start in February. As long as registration is open for all semesters, the Schedule Planner can be used to generate a course schedule for all three at the same time.

Cleveland State has had multiterm registration since 2012, allowing students to plan for a full year of classes as a tool to keep them on track.

Heinrich further explained that without proper planning, students can be closed out of their required courses, which could impact graduating on time.

“Building an entire year worth of a schedule allows for better planning and ensures that students can graduate in a timely manner,” Heinrich said.