A splash of color with CAB’s DIY Tie-Dye

By Allen Gill

Another stellar event was held on Thursday, Feb. 15 by Cleveland State University’s Campus Activities Board (CAB). 

“DIY Tie-Dye” was an event that gave students the opportunity to add some color to their winter blues.

From beginning to end, the event gave many opportunities for students to be involved. It served as a much-needed break with midterms right around the corner.

With no corners cut, CAB once again highlighted the university in the best light.

Located in the middle of the Student Center’s (SC) first floor, students lined up in pairs to participate in the free event, and even those sitting in Chili’s thought to take their meals to go to participate.

All were greeted with a friendly smile by CAB members and volunteers. The event was warm with an appeal of spring colors.

Students from all areas of the campus collaborated in making their own colorful tee’s. Taylor Moore, who is a senior and has been a resident assistant for two years, was eager to participate and let their colorful creations come to light.

For some, this event opened many opportunities to meet new people and allowed them to see what the university has to offer.

Due to the event being in the Student Center, tour guides were able to highlight this event as one of many things the university has to offer.

This only added to the idea that Cleveland State is more than capable of engaging students and staff on a personal level.

Students were able to work at their own pace with a diverse color selection and countless rubberbands at roundtables in the Student Center.

With the droves of participants, the Student Center was packed more than normal during the common hour. Many who could not participate watched from each level throughout the Student Center with curiosity and amazement.

Lindsey Shahan, the Pride and Spirit Events Chairwoman, and Tyler Hobel, Vice President of CAB, lead the event to make sure directions were clear and order was maintained as scores of students made their way to collect their shirts and find a spot to work.

For those who waited as space was made available, CAB provided a spread of snacks and drinks with today’s top hits playing in the background.

As CAB continues to break the mold and keep the spirit of student involvement vibrant, students should be eager to see what they have in store next.

If this event is any clear indication, it will say the student populace is “All In.”

Rating: 9/10