The good, the bad and the political

By Regan Reeck


A little more than a year ago, The United States of America watched — some in horror and disbelief, others in awe — as Donald Trump, a billionaire businessman with a past  in reality television, was elected president. With no experience in the world of politics, other than sideline commentary spewed from Twitter, his nomination, campaign and now presidency has been an experience that the citizens of the United States and the world will not soon forget.

His campaign against Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, was one often cited by experts as the most negative campaign in U.S. history with both candidates.

For those who  could not envision anything worse than a Trump presidency, the results of Nov. 6, 2016 election night was shocking. Fearful for their safety under his presidency, protests erupted across the nation.

On the opposite side of the aisle, those who voted for him, his presidency was a welcome change from typical politics. Hopeful that he would bring in a new era of politics and drain the swamp.

Brash and impulsive his interactions with the public have simultaneously  brought him closer to his constituents  and alienated more than any president before him.

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