“WCSB’S masquerade ball brings the thrills and chills for Halloween”

By Danielle Leonard


Hippies, ghouls and super heroes. These are just a few of the characters seen walking down Waterloo Road late at night. The monsters of the night came out to go to the Halloween Masquerade Ball at the Beachland Ballroom Friday, Oct. 27.

The foggy room and dim Halloween lights emphasized the theme of the Halloween event. The free event held by WCBS 89.3 FM was from 8 p.m. to midnight.

As people started coming in, conversations sparked about the costumes that were worn. There were two Jake from State Farm’s that showed up at the party and laughed as they ran into one another. There were also women wearing a Kaboom! And Splat! sign like what comic books would say in an action packed scene.

The theme of the event was EC comics. On WCSB’s Facebook page they state that EC comics is the publisher of comic books specializing in horror fiction, crime fiction, satire, military fiction and science fictions from the 40s through the mid-1950s. People were encouraged to dress as the EC comics characters, but it also stated on their Facebook page that people could wear any costume they wanted to. The event was open to the public and people came out as many different characters. People of all ages came out to the event.

Angelo Smith, a senior at Cleveland State University showed up in a vampire costume, and said he seen the event advertised on Facebook and wanted to check it out.

“I love Halloween parties and wanted to get dressed up and head out somewhere, so when I saw this advertised on Facebook, I thought this would be a good opportunity to do so,” Smith said.

The ballroom had a big area for people to dance as multicolored lights and fog filled the room. There was a bar right next to the dance floor. The stamps on people’s hands were themed as spider webs to show if they were of legal age to drink. People could also choose to sit down, talk and watch as others danced. However, not one chair was filled as everyone was on the dance floor.

The band lineup for the night was Lumerians, Dead Leaf Echo, The Boltzmann Brains, Half an Animal and Jackpot. At one point a student grabbed one of the mummy’s props for the Halloween theme and started to dance with it as the crowd laughed.

WCBS 89.3 FM hosts this event annually, and it is easy to tell why. At the end of the night, the monsters of the night walked back down Waterloo Road to go home, as people outside stared.