Pink Gloves Boxing offers a chance to punch for the cure

By Kelsey Allen


Cleveland State’s Pink Gloves Boxing is participating in Breast Cancer Awareness Month by hosting its first-annual Punch-a-Thon on Oct. 18 from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

The Punch-A-Thon allows people to get a few moments of boxing time in with various donation levels. The minimum amount that people can donate to participate is $10 for one minute of boxing on a heavy bag or with an instructor.

A $15 donation gets two minutes of either, or a combination of the two. $25 gets a total of four minutes, $35 gets 7 minutes, $50 gets 10 minutes and $75 gets 15 minutes.

A donation of $100 or more will give the participant over 20 minutes of boxing with a heavy bag or with an instructor. If people aren’t interested in boxing themselves, they can sponsor another boxer or simply make a monetary donation. But people of all ages and genders are welcome to participate.

All the proceeds will go to cancer research, split evenly between the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center and the Susan G. Komen Garfield Heights location. While a 2012 report claimed that less than a dime of every dollar donated to Susan G. Komen went to cancer research, the two locations were the first to respond.

Pink Gloves Boxing is a class at Cleveland State University based on the idea of female empowerment. With different tiers and levels of moving up, the class offers an incentive for many students to sign up and participate.  

“I would say that it’s definitely a confidence booster, in how much you can learn in a short amount of time.” Katie Gettman, a Pink Gloves trainer and the Graduate Supervisor of Fitness and Wellness said. “It’s great to be able to communicate with people that I would have [otherwise] never met.”

Pink Gloves hopes to raise at least $100 for their first fundraiser. Interested participants can sign up online on the university’s Rec Center’s website through the Special Event’s page, or in person at the Rec Center’s Pro Shop.

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