A student’s scoop: Vike Fest encourages school spirit during Homecoming

By Chau Tang


The day was dark, the sky was clear and the weather seemed chilly yet warm enough to not need a jacket. It was a perfect day to enjoy the outdoors.

On Thursday, Oct. 5, Cleveland State held Vike Fest during Homecoming. Vike Fest was one of many events students could attend throughout the week. The location was in front of Mather Mansion and  the event went from 7 to 9 p.m. The space appeared to be a tad small in comparison to the high number of students in attendance.

Vike Fest had a good amount of food trucks and entertainment to keep the students occupied, student vouchers were given but the limit was $5. The vouchers were for the food trucks so if there was anything students wanted  they could get it with the voucher.

The event had students participating in dance contests to win prizes such as an Amazon gift card and hats. Students could be seen playing volleyball in the middle of Mather Mansion lawn, foosball and dancing to the music done by the great DJ at the event. The music being played ranged from the “Cupid Shuffle” to world music. At one point in the evening, a conga line was formed.

During the dance contests, there were students cheering others on. Students were united with school spirit, joy and laughter. While there was a volleyball court, foosball, and food trucks, it seemed as if the students enjoyed the dance contests the most, showing their moves and/or their partner and friends.

“Vike Fest was such a blast. I was honored to represent my student organization. Marching alongside our fellow peers was a great way to showcase our Cleveland State Pride,” said Marisa Rittenberger, vice president of Pre-Occupational Therapy Association (POTA) and double major in and psychology health sciences pre-occupational therapy.

When asked what she enjoyed most about Vike Fest, Rittenberger said she enjoyed the fact that there were so many student organizations represented. Some of those organizations included the Campus Activities Board (CAB), the Cleveland State softball team and Viking Expeditions.

The food trucks were a hit, with long lines of students at each truck and a good variety of food and beverages to choose from. Volleyball was another hit as there were about 15 people, give or take, on each team.

While some of the activities like foosball and the inflatable slide didn’t get much use, the coolest thing at the event was there was the air guitar dance contest. Students were really creative with their moves.

There were quite a few students wearing Viking helmets and Cleveland State colors showing their school spirit.  College students weren’t the only ones attending.  There were kids and  toddlers as well. It was amazing to see strangers enjoying the event together, it was great to see how an event such as this can unite people. As Rittenberger stated, Vike Fest was a great event, not only were students able to come together to have fun but it also recognized the many student organizations who participated as well.

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