A student’s scoop: Cleveland State’s Homecoming

By Lakeitha Jones


Homecoming took place during the first week of October at multiple locations around campus. There were tons of people that loved the music and overall had a great experience, some ranking the event a 10 out of 10. While many had a great time at Homecoming, no one truly knows the time and stress behind the planning process.

Lindsey Shahan, one of the directors of this year’s Homecoming committee, spent months planning the perfect event. From conducting interviews to gathering the perfect team, every detail was carefully planned. After months of preparation and going over what events would take place during the week of Homecoming, the committee set to work with the planning process.

Shahan said that Homecoming was a lot of fun and she would love to participate again, but it was a challenge. Starting the process of Homecoming last May, the planning did not end until September. Her and the committee met twice a month in the summer and every week in the month of September.  She explained that every detail counted and it was very important to keep the students interested and involved.

“It is more than just an event, every little aspect counts,” Lindsey Shahan said.

Starting the process early, they created multiple events prior to the week before Homecoming to keep the students on their toes. Shahan and the committee planned a whole event calendar meant solely to promote Homecoming which received increased attendance rates of each event, with over 200 students and 33 organizations helping. The weekly calendar did not just consist of fun gatherings strategies, but it also included marketing, publicity and communication strategies to spread the message across campus.

The committee had to come up with a game plan game, different people were in charge of different tasks. Some of the assigned tasks included marketing and publicity which asked for them to create new and exciting techniques. After brainstorming, they came up with the idea of a “dorm storm,” where they would hand out flyers and posters inside the dorm halls. Some were also in charge of the communication and social aspect of Homecoming by using Cleveland state’s social media sites to keep the students connected and updated, which making students more motivated to come rather than feeling obligated and forced.

Homecoming proved to be a fun and delightful event, but  it  is more than just a party. It takes hard work and dedication to conduct such successful event within five months.