Athletic Director Mike Thomas Named to NCAA Men’s Basketball Oversight Committee

By Adam Schabel


Cleveland State Athletic Director Mike Thomas has been named to the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Oversight Committee, according to a statement released by CSU. states that the Men’s Basketball Oversight Committee makes sure that the oversight of men’s basketball is being accomplished properly. The committee also focuses on improving the educational experience — both athletically and academically — which helps student-athletes grow and develop their leadership qualities. In addition, the committee focuses on the public perception of collegiate men’s basketball and also makes suggestions for regular-season and postseason games.

The committee will consist of representatives from each divisional subgroup, according to The committee members include athletic directors, head coaches, student-athletes and senior administrators from colleges across the country. There are 12 members on the committee who can vote and four members who cannot. The committee will monitor selection procedures for the Division I Men’s Basketball Championship.

In relation to the championship, the committee will also address any issues that have to do with administering the championship. The committee will also assist the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Rules Committee in regards to playing rules.

Thomas has also been in the news recently for another accolade. In June, he was selected to the NCAA Division I Council and will be representing the Horizon League.

The NCAA Division I Council is a high-level group responsible for the day-to-day decision-making for Division I, according to The council consists of student athletes, athletic directors, executives, administrators and commissioners. 40 members are on the council which includes one representative from every Division I conference.  

The Horizon League released a statement with comments from league Commissioner Jon LeCrone. “We’re excited to have Mike Thomas representing the Horizon League on the NCAA Council,” LeCrone said. “Mike’s broad experience will add depth and perspective to the national dialogue.”

Thomas has been on multiple committees in his career and has a lot of experience as an administrator.

Thomas has been involved with collegiate athletic administration for over 30 years and has over 15 years of experience as an athletic director at the Division I level.

Some of the committees Thomas has served on in his career include the NCAA Division I Championship/Sports Management Cabinet — where he also served as the NCAA men’s basketball liaison to the cabinet and as a member of the cabinet’s four-person Administrative Committee — and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Issues Committee, according to the release from the Horizon League.

Thomas has also been a member of the NCAA Division I Championships/Competition Cabinet, the NCAA Division I Academics/Eligibility/Compliance Cabinet, the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Issues Committee and the Division IA Athletics Directors Association Legislative Review Committee.

Thomas has also been a member of the NCAA Postseason Bowl licensing Subcommittee and has chaired the Big East Championship and Competition Committee.